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Building Muscle Fast? Here's 5 Basic Exercises That Everyone Should Know!

Intense athlete doing curls in the gym building muscle fast

Many gym enthusiasts dream about building muscle fast.

If you’re looking to put together that perfect workout routine, then here is an excellent place to start.

First, You must know the correct balance of workout exercises coupled with adequate volume and strength boosting techniques.

Learning how to manage working out can be a challenge when you initially begin.


It gets easier as you ramp up your workout routine and start seeing yourself gaining muscle.

You did know that you could speed up your goals to gain lean muscle, right?

Gaining a few pounds of muscle in just one month is a realistic goal if you master these workout exercises for building muscle fast!

On the other hand, if you are a very aggressive person who wants to reach double digits in few months, you must find the right nutritious strategy that compliments those workout exercises on achieving your bold goals for building muscle fast.

Nutrition is a crucial aspect to help pack on those extra “pure muscle pounds.” Ensure that you achieve your daily calories and macro-nutrients intake goals for best results.

Furthermore, we need to talk about “what supplements should I take to build muscle and get ripped?” We would like to introduce you to CrazyBulk, a company known for its safe and legal steroids. You can read our review here on these all natural supplements.

No matter what, no one wants to get ripped off when buying muscle growth supplements online.

We will emphasize proper form and nutrition quite a bit during this building muscle fast article.

With this in mind, we can proceed to the next step and learn “How can I put on muscle mass fast” and great muscle building workout plans.

Sports nutrition. Whey, BCAA, amino, protein helps to gain lean muscle

What is the best workout routine to build muscle?

We all have different goals when it comes to building muscle fast. You may even wonder, “How to gain lean muscle?” Additionally, how much lean muscle gain do you want and how much time and effort are you willing to put in?

Best way to build muscle means indulging in vigorous compound muscle building exercises.

If you are looking for a way to bust through that plateau well, then you need to do is lift more substantial than usual, but it’s worth it.

Take a day off during an intensive workout: It's Important!

In your weekly workout routine, take at least a day off after two or three days of vigorous training.

Take 30-90 seconds rest periods in between your workout sets.

This workout routine encourages a quick release of muscle building hormones and also ensures that you genuinely fatigue your muscles.

Move to a more excessive volume approach until you reach your peak performance.

Also, make sure that you get enough sleep to give your muscles time for recovery.

Muscle soreness or DOMS as gym enthusiasts know it can become a mind game, don’t let it stop you!

Consider These Facts When Choosing The Best Exercises For Building Muscle Fast!

The word FACT

Lack of motivation is a major stumbling block on how to gain muscle fast. Besides, delayed onset muscle soreness can mess with a persons head quickly.

Nothing is more frustrating than a daily visit to the gym and failing to see any results.

There is a learning curve when it comes to how to correctly build the muscle.


Instead of giving up, why don’t you change your entire approach for building muscle fast?  It comes down to proper food intake and correct workout exercises.

Could be that you gave it your all doing vigorous exercises, yet you may have messed on your nutrition part?

Alternatively, perhaps

You have time constraints which are another challenge.

Before you schedule your workout routine, look at your daily work schedule and find out the amount of time you have for your workout.

Another thing to consider is whether you’ll be working out at the gym or doing home workouts.

Some of the exercises to build muscle we find at the gym requires expensive gym equipment, so keep that in mind if you are planning to make a home gym.

What does training volume mean?

Before I introduce the top 5 best exercises for building muscle fast, I will encourage you to increase your training volume this time around.

Could be this is where you failed previously?

Training volume is basically the number of reps multiplied by the number of sets and, it’s a significant determiner of muscle growth.

The recommended workout plan is to perform  2 to 3 exercises per body part, ten sets of 10 reps.  Unless otherwise noted.

This workout plan is called the 10 X 10 principle and, every GREAT bodybuilder used it before including Arnold and Sergio.

The question that most people ask is, “What percent of my one rep max” should be used for the 10 X 10?

As a natural bodybuilder with over 10 yrs experience, I would do between 70 and 75 percent.  Everyone is different. It would be best if you found out what workout is right.

Plus, you want your resting periods to be at least one minute between sets. Add this to your training program and watch your muscle size, tone and muscle endurance explode!

Building Muscle Fast? Think About These Exercises – They Work

Group training in gym

If you are a skinny guy or gal, you may want to learn how to build muscle or how to gain muscle fast.


You may be looking to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Of course, you do. Alternatively, may I say, that perhaps you wouldn’t be reading this article.


Let’s get started and show you how to gain some extra pounds fast.

The trick is gathering the correct knowledge of nutrition, recovery, and building up weightlifting skills and smarts. It’s all a lifestyle.

To make weight training a fast achievable thing to do, let’s make it a routine program.

Before we begin, another common question we hear a lot about is “Should I be taking any muscle growth supplements?”

We recommend that you add some decent bodybuilder supplements to your nutrition plan. Another reason for using a natural supplement would assist in building muscle and improving the blood flow during intense exercise.

Another problem area for many people would be assistance in losing that extra weight around their mid-section.  If your goal is to lose belly fat fast, may we suggest using an all natural diet pill?

No matter how many sit-ups you do, you will never see the muscle unless you get the proper nutrition!

For beginners in weight training, you need to take quick but gradual steps to help your body gain lean muscle the healthy way.

Intermediate weight lifters may want to break past a plateau or add more muscle size and muscle endurance.

Patience plays a significant role in muscle building. You can’t wake up one day and expect to see your big muscles the following day.

You have to work your way up to achieve your dream muscles!

So, if you are intentional about cultivating muscle mass, these exercises should be included in your training routine.

Weight Lifting

Doing squats for building muscle fast

There are two phases of weight lifting – the concentric and the eccentric phase (hard and easy phase).

To get the most out of your weight lifting exercises, focus on the eccentric (natural) phase.  Therefore, put more eccentric effort into your workout!


You can either integrate eccentric-only variations or slow down the eccentric effort in your routine workouts.

According to Physiology, muscles are far stronger when moving them eccentrically compared to if they are moving concentrically.

Please bear with me here.

1. Squats

An excellent example of an eccentric action is squats. When you lower into a squat (eccentric) and return to standing (concentric).

This action is how you make your squats eccentric-only; lower to the floor and let the exercise end there.


If you want to do both phases, take a 5 count getting to the sitting position and stand up in 2!

Squats exercises help in building muscle fast for your whole lower body. Leg Extensions and hamstring curls can be substituted if you don’t have a spotter.

2. Deadlifts

The dead lift exercise puts a key focus on the steely sinews of the back. These muscles are much more resilient to training and growth.

In most cases, you’ll realize that your forearms will get fatigued before your back.

The best thing to do in this situation is to get a good set of lifting wraps or hooks. Moreover, this will lead to full back exhaustion.

Immediately after you load a comfortable weight on the bar:

1. Be sure you keep your feet shoulder-width apart

2. Also, your toes pointed forward

Always remember that a deadlift is a dangerous exercise.  The best back workout exercise such as the deadlift should be done using the correct form for safety.


Dead Lift exercises are the fastest way to build muscle in your lower back.

3. Barbell Exercises

Do 4 sets of barbell chest presses with 6-8 reps, then take a 2-minute rest.


Do 4 sets of barbell rows with 8-10 reps, again rest for 2 minutes.


Combine decline dumbbell chest presses by doing 4 sets with 6-8 reps and then 4 sets of weighted pull-ups to failure and take 2 minutes to rest.

4. Bench Press Exercises

Do a 10×10 set of DB bench press exercise and take a minute rest in between each set.


Do another 10×10 set of BB bench presses with a minute rest and finalize that with machine cable flys doing a 10×10 set then resting for a minute.

These compound Bench Press exercises, as you may already know, are one of the best muscle enhancers for the chest and will put you on the right path for building muscle fast.

5. Pull Ups

Add pull-ups to your muscle building workout routine for your upper body.

Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps and then take 2-3 minutes to rest in between sets.


You can continue with either barbell shoulder presses, seated cable rows and dumbbell bench presses or dumbbell flys, barbell curls and skull crushers with 1-2 minutes in between sets.

Key Notes To Building Muscle Fast

Key to Success for building muscle fast

Muscle building routine exercises are suitable for both men and women regardless of their age.

To get the most out of your muscle bulding workouts, cultivate a life balance and ensure that you give yourself the best edge to build muscle fast the healthy way.

Make sure you read our reviews on the best legal steroids, likewise learn how these muscle building supplements can help you to transform your body into a “Lean Muscle Building” machine!

Together, with the above muscle bulding workouts should help you in your quest in building muscle fast!

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