Can Anabolic Steroids Affect Penis Size? No One Dares Talk About This!

Athletic steroid use and penis size

Can steroids impact penis size?

Penis size and steroid use is a major topic people tend to shy away from.

The fact remains that every bodybuilder or weightlifter is concerned because penis size matters. 

Men want to know what will happen down below when he starts adding steroids to his nutrition plan.

Furthermore, this powerful and knowledge packed article will answer some important questions now that you are taking an interest in anabolic steroids and penis size.

The key thing is to know whether steroids will make your dick grow or shrink.

Could be you’ve heard this conversation over and over again and probably that’s why you are reading this article. Some people say it’s the balls that shrink not the penis. Let’s see what basically happens when you start taking steroids.

Will steroids help with penis enlarment?

Let’s talk about it and clear up some of those rumors that have kept you in darkness – You really need to know the effects before you get a bad case of dick size anxiety.

Can steroids shrink the penis size?

This is one of the myths you hear guys talking about at the gym, but is it really true?
Here are the facts:
What steroids do is to shrink the testicles – not your penis size. When you start taking steroids, your testosterone levels increase to a high degree resulting in a natural hormone imbalance. You may even gain a bit of penis enlarment, but nothing to write home about.
What happens after this?
Anabolic steroids reduce your bodies own natural testosterone production, causing your testicles to shrink. Sometimes the change to your testicles size may not be reversed even after you stop taking steroids.
It takes time for your body to get back to its normal testosterone production. It depends on how many steroids you have consumed and over what time period.  It may effect obtaining an erection, not penus size.
The longer you use steroid medication, the longer it takes for the steroid side-effects to clear. Some studies have shown it could take up to 3 years!

What Are The Effects Of Steroids And Sex?

You may have heard rumors about a “gym guy” who took some illegal steroid pills or a steroid shot and had issues with performing during sexual intercourse.

This is a fact not a myth!

What happens is that while you are using anabolic steroids, your sex life could be spectacular or not! That all depends on what type of steroid you are taking.


Erectile dysfunction can become a problem once you stop taking them.  Plus, you will lose any penis enlarment that you may have gained.

The side-effects of steroids could cause erection problems too! Imagine not being able to get it up.

You could have problems with having children!

We can agree that steroids shrink your testicles right?  But did you also know that it causes your sperm production to come to a screeching halt? Fact.

When you stop taking steroids, your body experiences a sudden decrease in testosterone and this WILL cause erectile dysfunction.

Remember your body has already turned off its own production of testosterone because of the high concentration of steroids.

You don’t have to let your body shut down!

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Can Steroids Really Change A Guy’s Penis Size?

Steroids have no potential to change a man’s penis size especially for guys who have never had hormone issues in their entire life. In reality, steroids should not affect the size of your penis.

There are always exceptions, right?

Certain steroids may enhance penis size for a guy in the right growth phase and keen on taking the right type. Absolutely never take the wrong steroid, it may threaten your manhood forever!

Because of this reason, we highly recommend using legal steroids that really work. Imagine you can still get amazing results without the harmful steroid side-effects!  See our reviews on other fitness products.


You are carrying out this research?

So that by the end of the day, you will be able to make a guided decision when it comes to penis size and anabolic steroid use.

Let Me Give You Some Real Facts

So let’s start out by saying, there are some great benefits from using anabolic steroids.


I believe it is also important to tell you about some of the steroid side-effects.

Many of the testosterone based steroids, if taken in a high enough dose will convert into estrogen.

Taking high doses of these bodybuilding drugs for long periods of time, will also shut down the body’s own production of testosterone.

Trust me when I tell you that you are much better off staying natural. You can learn more about legal steroid alternatives here.

Creatine and penis size

A study was performed indicating that using a creatine supplement could promote a good environment for biological growth of a bigger penis.


Creatine turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT is an androgen and helps give men their male characteristics. It is produced in the gonads also making it an androgen hormone or sex steroid.

We can therefore make a case that DHT steroids could increase penus size while estrogenic steroids could possibly make the penis smaller.

Avoid This Misconception About Steroids

Many people fall into the trap of misguided truth concerning steroids. Rumors circulate saying that steroids can shrink your testicles – but this is not the case.

What steroids do is to signal your testicles to slow the production of testosterone (shutdown) and this results in smaller testicles.

How Can You Use Illegal Steroids And Be Safe?

All steroids are powerful and can cause grave and serious side-effects. You could possibly alter your reproductive system for life if you are not careful.

Remember, this is a foreign hormone you are introducing into your body and while on a cycle, many changes are happening to your hormonal balance. This will result in smaller testicles and possibly losing the ability to gain a hard-on (ED).

To make a long story short, anabolic steroids are not safe to use!  They may or may not cause penis enlarment problems.

To Summerize

I believe this article has tackled some of the hardest questions about the effects of steroids on your penis size. I do NOT condone the use of illegal steroids because of the nasty side-effects.

I do recommend CrazyBulk best legal steroids, as they mimic the illegal anabolic steroids without the harmful side-effects.  You can add Male Extra male enhancement pills to round out your physical regime and aid in your overall prowess.